Elco Vietnam EB50P8-C4PR-1024.DUMMY
Elco Vietnam EB50P8-H4AR-10
Elco Vietnam EB50P8-H4AR-1024
Elco Vietnam EB50P8-H4AR-2000
Elco Vietnam EB50P8-H4IR-1024
Siko Vietnam DA02-0397
Digital position indicator type DA02
Type :  -  2964 + 2945 + DA02-0397
Coi : 217.868.01)  
Nemicon Vietnam Model: OVW2-10-2MHT-050-00E (1000 P/R)
Nemicon Vietnam Model: OVW2-10-2MHC-050-00E (1000 P/R)
Status Vietnam Temperature Transmitter
P/N: SEM203/P
Push Button Configuration. Pt100 Input
Festo Vietnam Type: VASB-15-1/8-SI
Code: 158977
Koyo Vietnam Model: F-50ANC2A 
Koyo Vietnam Model: TRD-J1000-RZ-1M
Novotechnik Vietnam Model: TLH-0450
Art No:  025318
Nemicon Vietnam Model: 18S-400-2MD-2-15-00E 
Nemicon Vietnam Model: 7S-400-2MC-50-00E 
Anly Vietnam Model: APR-4S 
Crouzet - Crydom - Bei Vietnam Replaced by: 84870700
HNM 24-240 VAC/DC
(DNR2 Syrelec)
Bateriasy Telamandos Vietnam Code: Itowa BT7223MH
Sick Vietnam Code: DOL-1204-G02M
Koganei Vietnam Code: JA10AA-PS DC24V
Koganei Vietnam Code: JA10A5-PS DC24V 
Koganei Vietnam Code: A110-4E1-PSL-1L-DC24V
Enerpac Vietnam Correct: RAC1006
(100tons Enerpac
Model RAC10006)
Wachendorff Vietnam Model: WDG 100H-38-4096-ABN-I05-K3-F10 
Wandfluh Vietnam Correct: P02A01D24/5m Plug Amplifier c/w cable
Unit weight : @ 0,5 kg
(Model: P02A-1D24) 
Baumer Vietnam No: 10212302
Code: IFRM 08P1701/L 
Krom Schroder Vietnam No: 88201702
VAS665F05NWP gas solenoid valve
consisting of: 88201701 KMVASXL
WAIRCOM Vietnam Quick Exhaust Valve; Waircom
Code: DV3-2B
port size: 1/2", Maximum pressure 12 bar. Medium: Filtered, lubricated and unlubricated compressed air.. MATERIALS:. Body: Aluminum alloy. Seals: NBR rubber
Cosa + Xentaur Vietnam Xentaur High Speed Portable Dew point Meter model XPDM
With XTR-100 sensor, -100 to +20 deg. C dew point range
Inclusive of battery, carrying strap, 2 ¼” VCO to ¼” Swagelok, Swagelok/1/4" AN adapter, Swagelok/ 1/8” barbed hose fitting,
1-3 l/m flow meter, calibration bulb, user’s manual, loaded with fresh desiccant (100 psi / 6.9 bar)
Approved for installation in safe area
With field calibration feature (single point and SpanCheck), please see below note.
Measuring range: -100 to +20 deg. C = 0.0138 to 23,400 ppm which includes 0.013 - 2000 ppm.
P/N # :  XD0.01.A.0011
Xentaur offers Single point and SpanCheck field calibration feature. This is not available with competition.
For single point field calibration, please refer attached procedure which could be applied for model XDT / LPDT / XPDM. 
For SpanCheck, please refer:
* Model XDPM: Section 7. Automatic Calibration in XPDM manual.
(Dew Point tester:
a.        Measuring Range = -60 °C to +20 °C
b.       Portable
c.       Application: compressed air.
d.       Standard area)
Cosa + Xentaur Vietnam Filter Housing (SS, 5000 psi / 345 bar) and Pressure Regulator (SS, 3000 psi / 210 bar)  with Pigtail and coalescing filter,
2 Mounting Brackets and all necessary screws. Pigtail is used as heat exchanger to compensate for Joule-Thompson effect from pressure regulator.
P/N # : XD0.S1.M.5029
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 18044
Model: ASK 561.4 400/5A 10VA Kl.1
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 18045
Model: ASK 561.4 500/5A 5VA Kl.1
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 18046
Model: ASK 561.4 500/5A 10VA Kl.1
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 18047
Model: ASK 561.4 500/5A 15VA Kl.1
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 18048
Model: ASK 561.4 600/5A 5VA Kl.1
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055757
GB9024 100A AC50/60HZ 400V 30S
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055758
GB9024 100A AC50/60HZ 400V 60S
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055759
GB9024 100A AC50/60HZ 440V 15S
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055760
GB9024 100A AC50/60HZ 500V 15S
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055761
GB9024 100A AC50/60HZ 690V 15S
Servomech Vietnam SJ 50
Servomech Vietnam SJ 100
Servomech Vietnam SJ 150
Servomech Vietnam SJ 200
Servomech Vietnam SJ 250
Ebm Papst VietNam  R4S225-AD02-10 
Ebm Papst VietNam G2E140-NO47-32 
Ebm Papst VietNam W4E420-CP03-71 
Ebm Papst VietNam R6D630-AT03-01 
Ebm Papst VietNam G2E140-NS38-01 

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